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The platform aggregates data from many devices and produces KPIs (key performance indicators) that network operators and mobile device manufacturers can use to assess the quality of services they provide and to troubleshoot mobile device and network problems.

Analytics Domains are MSIP components that enable the system to calculate specific KPIs.

The White House has said that there is no "plan B" in place if the Supreme Court declares that the law is unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments earlier this year for a set of cases challenging the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act.

After the hearings, most court watchers believed that the most likely outcome is that the court will strike down the individual mandate, a central feature of the law.

"It's only when those are omitted that we feel like the trinity is impacted."Although the father and son controversy has surrounded the Bible translation movement for the last few years, Smith told CP that Wycliffe Associates decided to end its affiliation with the Wycliffe Global Alliance now because of changes made to the alliance's new partnership agreement."The specific thing that triggered it was changes in the alliance partnership agreements that, from our point of view, reduced our authority over whom we were partnering with," Smith explained.

"We just weren't willing to accept those changes."As Wycliffe Associates aspires to have the Bible translated into every language in the world by the year 2025, Smith said they plans to provide "open-license Bible resources" to international church partners so that translation work can be accelerated."We are committed to releasing resources freely under creative commons licensing so that the Church globally has every resource they need to do high-quality translation for themselves and we are completely committed to supporting their authority over those translations in their own language," Smith stated.

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