Risky and cali dating

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Incorporating some competition is a great way to flirt, and take pressure off of generating conversation ideas,” she says.If she posts pictures of her dog People don’t just like their pets—they’re totally obsessed with them.

Just don’t plan anything too vigorous that will leave you both feeling gross and sticky.

It can also serve as a jump off point for a creative date—just don’t spring on tickets for a big, expensive show while things are still new.

“Going to a huge concert venue would be too much too soon, but if you both have music in common, aim for some low-key live music nearby,” says Edwards.

If she’s on a foreign vacation in one of her photos If she can’t stop messaging you about her recent trip to Greece, take her to an awesome Mediterranean vino and tapas bar, advises Edwards.

Planning a date based on a region she loves shows her that you’re a considerate, thoughtful guy, and the small plates angle is far less risky than asking her out for a full meal. If you linger for too long you risk having your energy together decline.

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