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public override void Item Added(SPItem Event Properties properties) public override void Item Updating(SPItem Event Properties properties)public override void Item Updated(SPItem Event Properties properties)public override void Item Deleting(SPItem Event Properties properties)Did you make sure you registered all the events and not just the Item Added If you are using a deploy you need to make sure you add the lines list.

Item Deleting, assembly Name, class Name); in addition to list.

Hi everybody, I have a little Problem with an update and Detailsview.

I have 2 table (tbl User - uid,u Name,r Id) and (tbl Role - r Id, r Description) In my update I don't want to use the roles id, I want to use the roles Description.

They must match the signature of the data method that's supposed to be called.

Luis, if this is not clear enough, let me know and I'll put a self-contained sample together, although, at least on my case there is nothing to be fixed other than I would like the error that's raised by the updatepanel to include some of the inner exception details.

WHen I click the first time, it loads everything fine. So the error could be when you're updating a control that's "ajaxified" already and it messes it up...

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If you enter text input containing angle brackets, such as hello, the pop-up error is generated.I also resolved it with the Validate Request=False page declaration. For now I'll stick by it until I find a better solution. First of all, note the following about Validate Request: Request validation, a feature of ASP.NET since version 1.1, prevents the server from accepting content containing un-encoded HTML.I can't reproduce it consistently but it is a concern.Any info on this would be appreciated, Chris.- I am getting the same error, but I've narrowed it down to the line of code that causes the error, so hopefully this might help.

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