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Also there were Annie Wersching (Agent Renee Walker, who was killed by sniper in latest episode) and Mary Lynn Rajskub, who has played Jack’s devoted helper Chloe O’Brian, since series three and Jon Voight who layed Jonas Hodges in an episode in series 7. The producers have refused to reveal anything about the plot.Details of the final episode, which first airs in the U. Oh, and then I also tested [laughing] for Sarah Wynter’s part. Both of those parts would have gone a lot of ways depending on who got cast. For both readings I just came in that morning, read the script, and started testing. I wasn’t right for either part but I think they knew they wanted to use me. That’s what everyone told me last year — that it was a really fast audition process. One of the problems with the casting process for television is that you have too many cooks around the pot. But in terms of the main characters, the Fox network has the final say. Reiko Aylesworth: I was actually pretty pleased with “Bitchelle.” I was like, if it’s going to be between “Nina 2.0” and “Bitchelle,” please let it be “Bitchelle.” Yeah, sometimes I’ll make up a nickname that makes sense, but for whatever reason, no one uses it in our forums. I can think of a few other names that might…[laughs] And hey, at least I’m not a Poor Man’s Something or a Something Of Kiefer. Some people come to the set and — I don’t know if it’s your site — but people get really upset when they read what’s written about them on some of these forums. Some people totally confuse the character with the actor. But then Lourdes and I were watching the episodes and we were like, “What? You’d think we were ready to get out the Crisco and the bikinis. Everyone said they liked Nina 2.0, but no one really used it. I guess it just rolls off your tongue or something. I mean, at first I was wondering why I was being called a bitch, but then I looked back at those early episodes and I totally had “bitch face.” And when you come from New York, “bitch” isn’t really that bad. So you’re the first person I’ve spoken to from the second season. The cast and crew were discovering how to do something that had never been done before, and no one knew for sure it was going to be picked up for a second season. I know there were a couple of people who went to the Fox site and got really bummed out. A lot of people on the Fox boards blame Leslie Hope for getting raped, for instance. My friends and I all get together and watch it and we completely tear it apart. ” They totally kept all of that stuff in: the winking, the staring, my reactions to her…everything. Reiko debuted in 1993 on the TV series One Life to Live.After that, she has appeared on shows like Law & Order (with Frank John Hughes), the short-lived CBS show Now and Again (with Dennis Haysbert), The Dead Zone, Conviction (with Eric Balfour), and Stargate Universe (with Lou Diamond Phillips, Robert Carlyle, Justin Louis and Carlo Rota).

In that NCIS episode, she worked alongside real-life First Lady Michelle Obama.Aside of her television work, Reiko also starred on films like Magma: Volcanic Disaster, The Last Full Measure (both with Xander Berkeley), You've Got Mail, Random Hearts (with Dennis Haysbert, Kate Mara, and Christina Chang), Man on the Moon (with Mary Lynn Rajskub and Brent Briscoe), Fathers and Sons (with Phillip Rhys), Crazylove (with Jo Beth Williams, John Terry, and Paul Schulze), First (with DB Woodside), and more recently AVPR: Aliens vs. Since 2011, she has starred on the successfully rebooted Hawaii Five-0, playing the wife of Chin Ho Kelly, who is played by Daniel Dae Kim.From 2013 to 2014, Reiko also had a recurring role on the NBC series Revolution (with Billy Burke, Colm Feore, Kim Raver, Conor O'Farrell, Annie Wersching, Leslie Hope and Glenn Morshower), which ran for two seasons.Sutherland was also reunited with Kim Raver, who played Jack’s kidnapped lover Audrey Raines until, at the end of the sixth series, Jack is forced to abadonon his quest to rescue her.Sarah Clarke, who played Nina Myers, the Number 2 of the LA Counter Terrorism Unit until apparently being shot dead by Jack at the end of series three, was also there.

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